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Multicolored debonair Valentino arm bag 1

Valentino definitely knows how to get the lady’s attention. This single handle bag has a subtle, tasteful extravagance to it. Crafted with calfskin leather all over, the exterior composes of red and pink triangle inlays on the flap, that also conceals metal closures; while the rest of the bag is a two-tone beige and blackish-blue combination with red detailing at the bottom. The broad-bottomed inside, also lined with the dark colored leather, is spacious with three compartments and a red high-lighted zipped pocket.

Multicolored debonair Valentino arm bag 2
The Italian-made bag comes in one size only and from the looks of it, makes for perfect office use. This Valentino would speak of you, not as just a smart professional, but also as someone who is à la mode with the latest fashion trends.
Multicolored debonair Valentino arm bag 3
Retailing for a grand $3,080, this trim bag can be bought from the fashion house’s website.
Multicolored debonair Valentino arm bag 4

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