The Best Bag Deals We’ve Ever Scored

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Balenciaga Town Bag

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PurseForum Roundup – National Handbag Day Countdown Edition

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Louis Vuitton Epi Alma and Wallet

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Gucci Bright Diamante Lux Suitcase

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If you’ve already set your eyes on a brand-new luggage (not the Celine luggage tote), then pardon me for the interruption. We have just been informed that a new suitcase is going released very soon, it’s the Gucci Bright Diamante Lux Suitecase, read on…

In my life, I have motto: ‘if you are going to spend it, then spend it on the best of the best or don’t spend at all…’. The Diamante Lux Suitcase is quite expensive, but if you have a pocket as deep as the Mariana Trench, then what should we say? F*** it..

Besides its bright shiny leather, it also comes in different of summer colors that you and I will certainly love. Lemon Yellow, Ocean Blue and Orange Red are making us screaming: ‘I need them all, I want them all…’

Then the words ‘diamante’ and ‘lux’ come from the diamond patterns that you see on the front, back and sides of this luggage. Refined with light fine gold hardware, it also comes with a buckle and lock closure with key holder and an id-tag made from leather.

For those who cannot live without wheels, the Gucci Diamante Lux Suitcase comes with two of them. A true master piece, measuring 18.5’ x 8.5’ x 14’ (W x H x D), for $6200 USD, pre-order at Gucci e-store.


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Lady Dior Mini Python Silver Bag

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First of all, I want to congrats Delia with her first Python bag and thanks for sharing this online.

If you’ve been following us so far, you must have noticed the new Lady Dior Silver mirror tote for the Cruise 2014 Collection. We have posted this review back in November 2013, but we are observing now, is something new and too beautiful for the eyes to see – the Lady Dior Mini Python Silver Bag, it just melts your heart away, instantly without warning.

The first question that must come to your mind is: ‘Wow, is it available in store now?’ And allow us to answer that question: ‘Yes it’s from Dior’s 2014 Collection’. But unlike the Lady Dior Silver Mirror Tote, which was made from calfskin, this one is crafted from python and is of course a bit more expensive.

Your next question: ‘What is the price?’. Luckily we have found the latest price of this beauty, but let us start with the size. You see, the Lady Dior Mini size is kind-of like a baby; around 6’ x 5’ x 3’ inches. Ideal as a weekend tote, day bag or flaunt it on special occasions, its upgrades whatever you take out of your wardrobe. Effortless.

And now the prices, the Lady Dior Mini Python Silver Bag is currently retailing for $4,300 USD. So, is this your new love? Not yet, then add it on your wish list.

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MAC Alluring Aquatic Makeup Bag

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If we spotted something good and worth sharing about, then we try to publish it as quickly as possible.

The MAC Alluring Aquatic Make-up bag is a limited edition accessory that needs to be acquired as quickly as you are capable of. It’s beautiful, the theme is flawless, the brand is famous and the best thing is… so inexpensive that your credit card will not even notice.

Fashion is what you make of it, this make-up bag can also be used as a ‘coordinated teal clutch’, for the evenings if you want to. It’s finished with a texturized water droplet and translucent sides in luminous aqua.

Even if you don’t need a make-up bag, just get one and hold it in your wardrobe. Or wrap it around a gift paper and send it to your best friend, as a reminder that you will always be there for her.

As final, the MAC Alluring Aquatic Make-up bag is measured 8’ x 4.5’ x 2’ (L x H x W) and it’s priced at $35, only available in MAC store exclusive or their e-store.


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Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection Preview

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Just like the Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 Collection and the Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Collection, we alarm you, way ahead of the actual release, what new bags and accessories are going to hit the stores.

And in the upcoming weeks, we will publish pictures and information about the Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection. Are you excited?


For the Cruise 2015, we are going to highlight ‘the bag of the collection’ for ya. And tada…, it’s the Chanel Jerry Can Handbag. Are your eyebrows raised yet?

Well, what’s a jerry can? It’s basically a ‘can’ to store liquid like gasoline. The Chanel Jerry Can has the exact same shape, but the design is of course quilted and embellished with interwoven chain links. A CC logo is crafted on the side, the one you see on the top is probably made from lambskin.


But there are more, we are seeing new Chanel small floral printed bags and wallets, golden Chanel small camera bag and a pearl CC Clutch Bag. The accessories aren’t bad either, glance on the gorgeous golden bracelets, crafted with CC signatures.

Well for now, what can we say more… The Chanel Jerry Can Bag is also available in black. Take a look at the other images and like our Facebook page so we can keep you informed.


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