National Handbag Day Spotlight: Tory Burch Robinson Micro Double Zip Tote

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National Handbag Day is finally here, and we’ve got the fifth and final bag from our special series with Bloomingdale’s to celebrate the occasion. The Tory Burch Robinson Micro Double Zip Tote is everything that a New York City girl could want in a bag, all at a sub-$450 price point. It’s hard to do any better than that.


This version of Burch’s popular Robinson line is the absolute perfect size. It’s small enough that not only does this little tote avoid feeling bulky or burdensome, but it’s downright cute. At the same time, though, it’s just big enough so that you don’t have to edit down your possessions in a restrictive way in order to carry it comfortably. It’s the Goldilocks of handbags–just right.


And then, of course, we have to talk about this color. Few shades are both vibrant and perfect for year-round use, but the perfect cobalt blue can do it all. That’s exactly what you’ll find with this bag, and the combination of size and color is pretty unbeatable. If you’re worried about durability, don’t; the bag is made of sturdy, subtly textured saffiano leather that resists wear and scratches.


The Robinson Micro, just like the rest of the bags we’ve revealed this week, is available now at our Bloomingdale’s National Handbag Day Pop-Up Shop. You can make it your own for $435.


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National Handbag Day Giveaway – Enter To Win!

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#National Handbag Day Giveaway Bag

For us, a big part of celebrating National Handbag Day is celebrating all of our awesome readers who hang out with us every day to obsess over bags–you guys are what make this possible. The best way that we could think of to say thanks, of course, is with a giveaway of a handbag that all of us would love to have ourselves: a Fendi Petite 3Jours Tote.


Click below for more details on the giveaway and photos of the bag!

The sweepstakes is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Fendi Inc or any of its affiliates.

To enter, all you have to do is click here (or the link above) and provide your name and email address. The giveaway is open now through October 20, 2014, to US residents ages 18 and older.

#National Handbag Day Giveaway Bag (2)

#National Handbag Day Giveaway Bag (3)

#National Handbag Day Giveaway Bag (4)

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Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories in Epi

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Perhaps you have already seen it or you haven’t. Either way it doesn’t matter because the Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories is so ‘timeless’ that we are going to write anyway.

There are a few stories to tell about the Pochette Accessories…

But what you need to know first is that there are abundance of colors to choose from and they are all bright and shiny – yellow, purple, blue, red, pink orange and for those who can’t-live-without the classic color, there is also black.

Secondly, the Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories was originally made for the bucket bag, but the arbiters of fashion soon declared the Pochette to be an iconic in its own right.

Though it’s not stated on Louis Vuitton’s website, we can confidently let you that’s crafted from the most coveted ‘epi leather’. It’s refined with shiny silver metallic pieces, basically to-die-for.

The Pochette Accessories can be worn over the shoulder on its strap for day and when the sun switch places with the moon, transform the Pochette into a chic clutch. Versatile, light, compact in an array of bright and bracing color.

Measuring 9.1’ x 5.1’ x 1.6’ (W x H x D), it comes with one interior flat pocket. You can get it for $685 or €450 at your nearest Louis Vuitton boutique as its sold-out online.








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Celine Belt Tote

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Normally, Celine only introduce one or two new bags per season, the others are classics that return from season to season. Like… the Celine Classic Box, like the Celine Edge Handbag, like the Celine Cabas Tote.

But the Fall 2014 Collection is an exception, I am mesmerized and surrounded by many new Celine Bags and they are all so-Celine, ya know – simple and streamlined.

And so, we personally want to introduce to you the Celine Belt Tote, a bag with two tentacles. Though we haven’t seen the bag in real-life yet (we are still waiting for its release), from looking at the pictures, we are pretty sure that the front flap is inspired by the Celine Tie Handbag. If you don’t like the outside-flap, then hide it inside the bag.

The Belt Bag is made from Smooth or natural Calfskin, but it’s also available in crocodile leather. The colors you can choose from are; Burgundy, Navy Blue and Black/Cream.

We do not have the exact measurement of the size, but we do know that you can get this bag for $2,600 USD (in small size) at your Celine boutique or its distributors.



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Chanel Pearl Boy Brick And Lego Clutches

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It was an inexpensive playful toy for kids, we used to build houses, cars and even airplanes with it. You can take it as a joke, but the fact is – the Chanel Pearl Boy Brick Bag (style code: A69826) from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection (image on the top) is retailing for a darn $14,000 USD or €9450 euro’s.

Before we walk you further through the paradise of Lego Clutches, let us bang you on some features of the Chanel Pearly Boy Brick Bag first, shall we?

Pearls are a big thing in the world of Chanel, therefore it’s just a matter of time before Karl Lagerfeld design the Boy Brick Bag with pearls. This bag is made from Plexiglas, the front embellished with the CC logo and it comes with a long pearl chain. It’s literally love at first sight.

Read on…

And now that even Celebrities are hunting for their own Chanel Lego Clutch, we are forced to take this case very seriously. It’s now official, this bag is trending.

But how long will it take before people get tired of playing with lego’s? We do not know for sure, but one thing we can be certain, somehow this bag has managed to return in almost every season, that should tell a lot right?

The Chanel Boy Bricks are measured 4.7’ x 7.9’ x 1.8’, the prices are depending on the style and materials.


This is the Chanel Boy Brick with long chain in silver hardware from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. The style code is A67718 and it currently retails for $12,000 USD. Other seasonal colors available are black and yellow or black and purple.






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National Handbag Day Spotlight: The Diane von Furstenberg Large Sutra Ready to Go Fringe Tote

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Every member of the PurseBlog staff has counted themselves as residents of New York City at one point or another, and that means that we all appreciate a tote bag that’s both stylish and functional. For our fourth National Handbag Day handbag reveal, we’re proud to present a bag that’s just that: the Diane von Furstenberg Large Sutra Ready to Go Fringe Tote.


The tote, which is part of our special series with Bloomingdale’s in celebration of National Handbag Day, is everything we look for to liven up our dark city wardrobes. Not only is the vibrant red color totally gorgeous (and, not to mention, difficult to achieve in leather), but the fringe adds a bit of texture without adversely affecting functionality.


The cherry on top, of course, is the contrasting pop of fuchsia that peeks out from inside the bag. When combined with its large size and lightweight construction, this bag is a perfect option for showing off a bit of your personality at work or toting your kid’s essentials on the weekend. That the bag can work for such a range of needs is one of our favorite things about it.

Pick up one of your own for $498 via Bloomingdale’s.


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