Killspencer Camera Bag

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I am starting to like Camera Bags.

My curiosity already started when I met the Chanel Camera Bag, released during the Pre-Fall Winter 2013 Collection. It was quilted, with interwoven chain links and a Chanel charm hanging like a star, I didn’t cared much whether it was made for my camera or not, it was just too beautiful.

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Now, last week we dropped the Stella McCartney in collaboration with Canon, the limited edition Linda Camera Bag. It was tote bag, painted in baby blue and yellow, it was a playful and super cute casual accessory. Finally something different!

And what I liked the most was that it came with the Camera, and the Camera matches to the design of the bag. Absolutely adorable.

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Today we want to update you about a new Camera Bag, it’s from Killspencer and I absolutely love it because I like to photograph. (Camera shots with lens are always better than phones).

Crafted in a black box, it’s like the Celine Classic Box Bag. Complete the collection with lens pouches, accessory case, bucket and the camera!

Not only do you get the bag, but also the lens pouches, accessory case, bucket and a lot more. Made in the US, crafted from premium leather and features a black bullhide leather flap and taupe leather interior. It’s structured and foam padded, has a patented Cobra Buckle, and 2 front pockets that fit a pocket sized Moleskine.

Measuring 9.25’ x 7’ x 4’, priced at $750 USD at Killspencer e-store.





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Victoria Beckham Makes Alaïa Boots Look Casual

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Victoria Beckham Alaia Suede Zipper Boots

Alaïa is beloved by celebs for its gorgeous booties and pumps, but we rarely see the brand’s shoes incorporated into such casual ensembles. Victoria Beckham seems to be pulling it off, though. Here she is, coming out of her NYC hotel in a pair of black Alaïa Suede Zipper Boots, paired with distressed skinny jeans and a pretty killer green leather jacket. You can find Victoria’s exact boots.

Victoria was one of our first (and most deserving) celebs to receive her own edition of “The Many Shoes of…,” but the post quickly morphed into “The Many Manolos of Victoria Beckham,”due to the rapid proliferation of pap pics of Posh Spice in the brand’s signature BB Pumps. Manolos are an integral, everyday part of Victoria’s fashion uniform, as I’m sure they are for many of our readers.

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Boy Chanel Paris Dallas WOC

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When we told you that the Chanel Boy Bags from the latest Paris Dallas Collection is out-of-control, then we basically ‘mean it’. Two days ago we let you drool all over the newest Chanel Boy Studded Bags and today we are dating with the Boy Bag from the Wallet on Chain line.

This gorgeous is a bit taller than the normal Wallet on Chain bags and the flap covers the entire front. A normal WOC is sized 4.9’ x 7.7’ x 1.4’, this new Boy Wallet on Chain from the Paris Dallas Collection is measured 4.8’ x 7.5’ x 1.6’.

A limited edition piece that will only be available for this season, wait a bit longer and it will never return.

So what’s special about this Boy WOC?

First there are studs embellished on the quilts, it goes from the front to the back. The originally Boy WOC has an interwoven chain link, but this version is the same like the medium sized Boy Bag, it comes with a strong and masculine metal chain.

The interior is the same like any WOC, with a size ideal for the weekends and when going out in the evenings. And as final, the iconic Boy logo is crafted on the front. Life can’t be more perfect!

The Boy Chanel WOC retails for around $2,100 USD and €1.400 euro’s.


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The Many Shoes of Sofia Vergara


The Many Shoes of Sofia Vergara

She’s one of the most highly paid actresses on television, she’s dating Joe Manganiello (you can thank me later for the pictures of him below), she’s gorgeous, she has a killer body and if that weren’t enough, she wears platform pumps like they’re a pair of flats. I’m talking about none other then Sofia Vergara.

Everyone has their thing, and her thing is over-the-top platform pumps; I am definitely not mad at that. While her everyday sky-high platforms may not be the most practical for normal people, I’ll warn you that I can’t help but swoon over everything she wears. (And if you all cringe at how beautiful she is, just think how I felt having to rummage through hundreds of photos of her).

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Check Out the Photo Booth from Our National Handbag Party at Bloomingdale’s!

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TalkShoes Asks: If You Could Only Buy One New Shoe This Season, Which Would You Choose?

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Buckle Strap Mid-Calf Boots

I suppose you know I’m dreaming, because I want nothing more than to wear white boots in winter, and these Gianvito Rossi boots fulfill everything I am looking for in my dream white boot.

Over the past few months, Gianvito Rossi has made his way onto my list of favorite designers. I always find myself coveting his pumps and boots, and his designs frequently end up in my Want It Wednesday picks. Rossi’s work marries elegance with traditional silhouettes, but it still feels very contemporary. The velvety soft suede and the chunky heel of this design makes them perfect and comfortable for everyday wear.

Now, though, I suppose it’s time to snap back to reality, because the dirty city streets would turn my dream white boot into a nice shade of brown. Even though they may not be the most practical choice, as the saying goes, the heart wants what the hearts wants.

If you have the same dream as me, you can buy your Gianvito Rossi boots for $1,195 via Barneys. Tell me which shoe you would buy this season in the comments!

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