Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign Part 2

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By the way, are you going to eat that?

By the way, can you grab that for me?

By the way, what are you doing tonight?

‘By The Way’, a phrase that we use occasionally to indicate that we are adding information when we speak. But it’s more than that, Karl Lagerfeld recently introduced a new tote bag, very unique, also in the way how it can be carried like a baby on your hand.

Because the Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection is something that we should pay attention to, we thought you might want to look at a few more model pictures. The Fendi by The Way Bag in white and small size is an item that you must have in your wardrobe. It’s as beautiful as a white flower blossoming during the spring.

SEE: Fendi Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection

Then other iconic’s like the Fendi 2jours tote and the brand-new Fendi 3jours tote with shearling handles. The 3jours is presented in gorgeous blood-red and decorated with white handles.

You can find more about the latest FENDI handbags at our e-store.




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Alexander Wang Goes Sporty for his Collaboration with H&M

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Alexander Wang and H&M_2

Early in the summer we got word that Alexander Wang would be added to the list of luxury designers to collaborate with H&M, making Wang the first American designer to partner with the mega retailer. Wang presented his collection Thursday night at the Armory on the Hudson, and Footwear News was at the press conference before the presentation to get all the details.

“I love this idea of sports at night,” Wang reported to Footwear News during the press conference; the shoes from this collaboration certainly reflect the athletic luxe vibe. While many past collaborators with H&M took to their archives for inspiration, Wang chose to focus on creating an entirely new collection of activeweare. Although, one oldie but goodie which snuck its way into this collaboration is the Freja Boot, which Wang chose to reimagine in neoprene.

Check out all the nike shoes from the collaboration in the gallery below; they’ll be available in select stores on November 6.

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Bag of the Week: Valentino Bird-Embroidered Suede Shoulder Bag

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Valentino Bird-Embroidered Suede Shoulder Bag

Bag: Valentino Bird-Embroidered Suede Shoulder Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Valentino generally reserves this level of embellishment and detail for its exquisite evening gowns, but this graceful, elegant bag pulls off the look with aplomb. If you want to carry a piece of art, look no further.

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Chanel Quilted Velvet Clutch Bag from The Fall Winter 2014 Collection

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Because the purpose of our site is to inform you about exclusive handbags, we thought you might want to know; what’s in the Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection besides what’s already been published on the Chanel Website.

We already covered a few major ‘must haves’, like the Chanel Easy Flap Bag and the Chanel Chevron Flap Bag. They are never-seen before, beyond gorgeous!

Here you go, the Chanel Quilted Clutch Bag from the F/W 2014 Collection. You know already what’s in right? Yes, Velvet! This material makes the color shiny and it’s both luxurious and eye-blinding. Made with love – quilted and embellished with interwoven chain links. The bag opens with a clasp and it is decorated with the CC charm.

When you wear your favorite dress tonight, then company it with a pair of high heels, remember that a clutch is as important as anything. It’s the finishing touch to your style. This clutch bag has a shoulder strap, carry it when you go from one place to another.

Now, I do not know its style code, nor the prices or the sizes. But I belief this picture tells a story.

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Prabal Gurung For M.A.C. Collection



To be honest, I had no idea what the brand Prabal Gurung was. What totally captured my attention were these beautiful packaging and colors. They look so luxurious and pretty, uhh, one please!

Prabal Gurung is a Nepalese American fashion designer. His designs have been worn by many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Moore and more.

The packaging is inspired by artist like Damien Hirst and Sylvie Fleury. The products brought straight lines (almost like its quilted), with golden colors and diamonds with graphic details.

This collaboration with MAC has been very emotional for Gurung. Listen to his statement: ‘Creating this line has certainly been emotional for me. I think back to the beauty products on my mother’s vanity that I saw growing up and how much they resonated with me. It’s pretty incredible to be in a position to now be developing my own’.

The new Prabal Gurung x MAC collection will be released on November 26th in North America, and it will be released internationally in the upcoming December. The collection consists of 14 items, from eye shadow to lipstick and bronzing powders. Price is ranging between $20 to $70 USD.


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The 12 Best New Bags of Fall 2014

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Fendi By The Way Bag

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