The 11 Kinds of Little Black Ankle Boots You Should Consider for Your Shoe Collection

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Aquazzura Disco Alice Studded Suede Ankle Boots

The ubiquitous black bootie may be everywhere this time of year, but no two pairs are the same. We’re here to act as that little voice on your shoulder, giving you encouragement to buy that pair of black boots you are holding in your hand (or in your browser tab) right now. Whether you splurge on one pair or invest in three of four this season, we have a reason in the gallery below why everyone should own a black ankle bootie! After all, can one person really have enough pairs of black boots? Our vote is a definitely NO.

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Mulberry Might Be Trying to Hire Céline’s Accessories Design Director

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Word on the street is that there might finally be some good news in the pipeline forMulberry. The struggling British brand, which has been without a creative director since fan-favorite Emma Hill left over conflicts with former CEO Bruno Guillon, is reportedly eying Johnny Coca, head of accessories design at handbag wunderkind Céline.

Coca’s been at Céline since 2009, and in that time, he’s overseen the design of handbags and shoes that have launched countless trends, from flared gussets to slip-on skate sneakers. He’s done it in the shadow of Phoebe Philo, though, and a mid-range, handbag-reliant brand like Mulberry would be a great spot for someone in Coca’s position to take the spotlight. Anouck Duranteau-Loeper, his colleague at Céline, left for Paco Robanne late last year.

No matter what the bags ended up looking like, such a move would certainly reinvigorate Mulberry; not only would it be a bright spot on which to build PR momentum, but it would ignite consumer interest in a way that few other hires might. Céline’s bags fly off shelves, even though it’s been a couple seasons since the brand introduced a bonafide hit, and Mulberry has plenty of fans remaining who would be thrilled to see the brand return to form.

According to Vogue UK, Blue Farrier, who recently left her post at Issa, and Hannah MacGibbon, who helmed Chloé prior to current creative director Clare Waight Keller, are also on the short list of potential contendors behind Coca. It’s unclear if Farrier has the accessories acumen that would be necessary at a brand like Mulberry, although MacGibbon’s tenure at Chloé did include several popular and profitable bags, like the Paraty and Marcy.

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Half Glam/ Half Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial


The famous horrific holiday of the year, Halloween has been given a new significance to recently. It’s no longer a trick-or-treat holiday for children only, since it’s yet another chance for our favorite celebrities, It girls and all the glam and sassy fashionisers in the world to get a new creative makeover that will show off their unique and bright personalities to the world. While going for the trendiest images of that particular year or trying to invent fresh and original characters is the first step to creating outstanding Halloween looks, you can never err embracing the classics and doing this in your own unique way. Zombie is one of the most popular images that never get outdated, especially when so many movies come out frequently picturing those vivified corpses hunting for the survivors. To give a modern twist to your look, you can match Zombie motifs with some glam makeup, this way managing to show off your beauty while still looking creepy. This half glam/ half zombie Halloween makeup tutorial is the right thing for you, if you want to seduce and to scare simultaneously at this great party!

Half Glam/ Half Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

How To Do Half Glam/ Half Zombie Halloween Makeup

Not all zombies are brainless creatures: you can actually be one glam lady, who knows how to look mysterious and cool. While “designing” the perfect clothes for a Zombie is extremely easy, as you can wear anything torn, old and super-dirty with some blood stains on, it’s actually makeup that does make you look a true zombie. Only creating the effect of a pale complexion that will make you look dead isn’t enough, as a Halloween zombie is expected to have some big festering wounds protruding through the skin bones that pop out instantly. Combining this with a glam makeup will create the ideal balance between the beast and the beauty, the dead and the super-sexy, making you stand out even on this uber-imaginative and colorful day!

So to recreate this awe-inspiring Halloween look, here is what products you need to get and what you need to do:

• Makeup base, foundation, concealer
• Blush
• White face paint
• Eyebrow kit
• Eyeshadows in browns, black, purple, yellow and shimmery gold
• Black eyeliner
• Black eye pencil
• Black mascara
• False eyelashes
• Dark red lipstick
• Lash glue
• Thread and tissue paper
• Makeup brushes

Half Glam/ Half Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 1: Start on a clean face, applying the makeup base and then going for the foundation, creating the effect of the perfect complexion. Contour only one part of your face with a blush.

Step 2: Perfectly contour only one of your eyebrows, the one appearing on the part of your face that you have used a blush on (Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony).

Step 3: Continue working on the “glam” part of your ways, focusing on your eye now. Blend a soft brown eyeshadow on the crease (Thunderhead from Sigma Smoke Screen Palette) using a blending brush (we have used the Sigma E38 Diffused Crease Brush). Apply a black eyeshadow to the socket (Almost Jet from the same palette) using a smaller blending brush. Next, using an ordinary eyeshadow brush, apply a chocolate brown eyeshadow all over your lid (Atmosphere from the same palette).

Step 4: Apply the same chocolate brown color to your lower lid and blend it with a small blending brush. Put some glittery golden pigment to the inner corner of your eye (Sigma Loose Shimmer Gilded).

Step 5: Apply black eyeliner to your upper lid and the waterline (Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner). Next, apply a few coats of black mascara and go for false eyelashes for the totally charming glam effect. To finish the glam part of your Halloween makeup, apply a dark red lipstick (Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Cherry Boom).

Half Glam/ Half Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 6: So we have reached the creepy and the most artistic part of this makeup. Using a black eye pencil draw a line on your face from the top of your forehead up to the jaw line, splitting the face in two halves. Now, apply some white face paint on the zombified part of your face using a stippling brush.

Step 7: Mix some black and purple eyeshadows and apply the color your get under your clumsily lined eyebrow and all around your eye to create some deep dark circles with a bruise effect. You can also use this color mixture randomly on some more spots on this part of your face, like on the forehead.

Step 8: Apply some lash glue on the black line your have drawn on your face and let it dry a little. Put a thin tissue paper on the glued surface and slightly wet it with a wet brush. Next, apply some more lash glue over this, let it dry and go for one more layer of a wet tissue. You need to repeat this process a couple of times to give some texture to this part of your face.

Half Glam/ Half Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Step 9: As the glued wet tissue papers slightly dry on your face, apply some concealer on the wound. Now, using scissors cut the middle of this portion of a fake skin. Apply some black eyeshadow in to the cut.

Step 10: Apply some purple, brown and yellow eyeshadows on the edges of the wound to give a more realistic look to it. Now, apply a true red lipstick on the inside of the cut.

Step 11: Using a lip brush carefully apply the red lipstick on the edges of the wound, as well as on the bruised forehead and the under-eye section. Tap the surface of the bruises with your fingers to make them look more authentic.

Step 12: Cut small threads, preferably in the white shade to make them pop on the background of the red wound, and stick them over the wound to create the effect of the “sewn in” stitches.

Half Glam/ Half Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Your ideal combination of the glam and zombie makeup looks is ready to charm and deter everyone around you enjoying this eerie holiday!

Half Glam/ Half Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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First Look Latest New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel

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1 New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel

In Louis Vuitton accessories, fashion icon always keep a watchful eye on watch. Now, no matter for men or women, a luxury watch not only look at a time, but they are presented in good taste. Now, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton new created a steel version Emprise watch which available two colors choose from – Black and White dial.

From the Louis Vuitton’s Emprise Jewelry and Watch Collection, the latest timepiece remains true to its original design, with its form and decorative motifs inspired by the Maison’s signature trunks. The square face hold a bold yet luxurious appeal. Those New 23x23mm LV Emprise Steel Watch is engraved with the brand’s logo and has sapphire glass with reflection proof coating. Now, we can find it on Louis Vuitton stores worldwide and the retail price set to $3100 USD!

1 New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel 11 New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel 21 New Louis Vuitton Emprise Watch in Steel 3

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Designer to Watch: Chloe Gosselin

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Chloe Gosselin Foxglove pump

Chloe Gosselin started out as a French model, and now her career focus has turned to footwear design; Fall 2014 is the first season for her new, eponymous nike shoe line. The collection ranges in price from $720 to $1,535, and each shoe is named after a poisonous flower, directly correlating with the overall aesthetic of the collection–beautiful and feminine, but mysterious and powerful.

The juxtaposition of materials like suede and snakeskin, the materials’ rich hues and the collection’s asymmetric detailing instantly drew me to these shoes. The jagged edges and cut-outs go just far enough to elevate traditional shapes. These pumps and booties are timeless and modern, all while making a fierce statement. It’s a very powerful debut for the brand, and I expect Gosselin will develop a loyal following very quickly.

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Hermes Berline Sport Bag

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A sporting life.

The Hermes Berline Bag is no stranger.

Presented in an ad campaign, where the model is walking through thick snow, on a journey, and dressed with a cozy coat while carrying a sporty shoulder bag.

Perhaps this is what makes the Berline bag so famous…

It’s crafted with the iconic ‘Kelly Closure’, the same you get on the Classic Birkin Tote, and the same you get on the Kelly Tote.

We present to you, a special edition, the Hermes Berline Sport Bag.

So what’s the difference between the Hermes Berline Bag and the Hermes Berline Sport Bag, you asked? =)

Well, not much.

Hermes highlighted the rings/the edges with bold colour to make it stand-out. Notice the black lines on the Hermes Berline Sport Bag in brown, it’s delicious and even sportier. And notice the pearly grey lines on the Hermes Berline Sport Bag in Red, it’s like an strawberry ice cream with a bit of vanilla. Yummie!

These accessories are ideal for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, are you prepared? It comes with a removable shoulder strap and a spacious interior. The bag is designed simple, yet marvellous. It’s the bag you will pick for the casual weekends, pair it with jeans and tees.

READ: Hermes Berline Bag

Made from swift calf leather, refined with silver hardware. Measuring 21 x 17 x 6 cm, available at Hermes boutique or e-store for €4250 euro’s or £4020 GBP.




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